the 2 of us

IMG_1006.jpg, originally uploaded by BurnAway.

hard at work

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old playmate

M3, originally uploaded by louster.

Leica M3 recently overhauled by Mr Youxin Ye. He not only recovered the body with Aki-Asahi cover, but most importantly brought the rangefinder focus back to life. It had grown so dim over the years that I couldn’t use the camera.

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long time

Hello bloggers, it has been a while. I’ve spent the last 6 months immersed in making pictures instead of writing about pictures. More fun that way.

One positive result of this is my first ever exhibition. It’ll be up through May, 2011.

So, here is my shameless self promotion. Now, back to making pictures.

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Backlit Elvis

Here is Elvis in all his sculpted glory using another 2 light setup. Nikon strobes on a Nikon camera make it a little too easy.

The hardest part was placing the lights to avoid lens flare and adding unwanted light to the black background. The exposures were all automatic.

The modifications (a/k/a creative aspects) were to place diffusers on both lights and a warm filter over the back light. The front light was through a Gary Fong plastic dome and the back light was through a Lumiquest Promax Softbox III.

You might notice the back light isn’t hitting in exactly the same place on Elvis in the bottom picture. I eventually moved it to the right and also raised the background about a foot to block spillover light causing a little lens flare. I think the base and Mr. Presley’s hair look better with more of the warm back light as well.

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Halloween Lighting

Due to overwhelming popular demand, well actually one request…  umm, make that a vague passing comment, here’s a simple little 2 flash test shot. The light coming from below the face is often referred to as “Halloween lighting”.

This can easily be done provided you can move your flash off camera, in this case to simply lay it on the floor below the subject.  The rear light is purely optional. If you’re lighting for Halloween, the background might look better going dark anyway. The white ceiling reflected light into the shadows.

No off camera flash?  Lay a bright light under the subject’s face, maybe a table lamp or whatever you have handy. A flashlight, mayhaps?

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morning sun

Our dog, April, resting after breakfast. Very low humidity and bright sunlight in Atlanta today. Cool, too. Finally!

Exif data

Camera Nikon D700
Exposure 1/3200 sec
Aperture f/5.6
Focal Length 50 mm
ISO Speed 250
Exposure Bias 0 EV
Flash No Flash
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Light test w/ asparagus, 1 spot high behind and one reflector camera left, level with twine.

lighting setup

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