Kodachrome, 1981

Kodachrome, 1981

Kodak announced today the discontinuation of their legendary Kodachrome film. It is simply the best color film ever made. Had digital photography never been developed, I would have been happy shooting nothing but Kodachrome and Tri-X film for the rest of my life.
Even though I’ve totally embraced the world of digital imaging, I sometimes miss the discipline of traditional film photography. Next time you’re shooting an important assignment, don’t look at your playback screen until you’re back in your hotel room and you’ll have a taste of what it feels like. Since leaving the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, I’ve started using my 4X5 view camera occasionally just to prove to myself that I can get it right without a motor drive and Photoshop post production.
I read the Associated Press story while taking my weekend’s shoot to a lab for processing. Sadly, it was only Ektachrome. I hope they keep it around for a while.

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