Pinhole Lilies

Pinhole Lillies

Pinhole Lilies

Yesterday I mentioned an errand to have 4X5 film developed. I picked it up today and here is one of the sheets.  I wasn’t satisfied with the exposures made with the fancy view camera, but felt better about pictures shot with my home made 4X5 pinhole camera.
Apparently the Ektachrome E100SW film I shot has been discontinued by Kodak. My last pack had been stored in a refrigerator for several years and was just fine. I haven’t been shooting much 4X5 film, or any film for that matter, in the last 10 years. Sadly, now that I have the time to shoot film, all my favorite ones seem to be disappearing. I’m really missing Kodachrome and several Polaroid films.

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5 Responses to Pinhole Lilies

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  2. ViktoryiaN says:

    Cool shoot! I havn´t had a chance to shoot with the film yet. Hope to do it once. Must be special. 🙂


    • louster says:

      Thanks for visiting.
      Film can be a good thing. It forces a photographer to have some knowledge of the technical aspects of photography.
      Film can be a bad thing. If you make a mistake, by the time you see the results it’s too late. “Do-overs” are not always possible.


  3. npicola says:

    beautiful photograph – so dreamlike! how did you build the camera?


    • louster says:

      I took a wood working class for the sole purpose of making the camera. The basic box and pin hole was relatively easy, making the dimensions fit a 4X5 film holder exactly was a bit trickier.


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