Champagne Jam

The Atlanta Rhythm Section

The Atlanta Rhythm Section

Thirty years and one day ago I was shooting Champagne Jam at Georgia Tech’s Grant Field in Atlanta. It was a day long event with a huge crowd. I don’t remember staying the whole day, probably leaving early to make deadline and swapping off coverage with another Atlanta Journal-Constitution staff photographer. Long before the days of transmitting digital as it was shot.

I was able to photograph several of the bands performing that day. The two I personally liked the best were The Atlanta Rhythm Section and The Cars. So, here you are, two old B/W prints I just found, from that day, naturally while looking for something else. I believe the picture of the Atlanta Rhythm Section has most of the band while the picture of the Cars shows only singer and bassist Benjamin Orr on the left and rhythm guitarist Ric Ocasek on the right. Mr. Orr moved to Atlanta where sadly he died of cancer in 2000 at 53.

I listen to music from both bands even today, now they’re on my iPod instead of cassette or whatever we were using at the time.

The Cars

The Cars

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5 Responses to Champagne Jam

  1. Great photo of Benjamin and Ric — I’ve seen this photo around the web and wondered where and when they were performing. Thanks for posting.


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