waiting for dinner

I can say without any doubt that she would have been up in a nanosecond if we had dropped the smallest crumb onto the floor.

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4 Responses to floor

  1. bambooska says:

    What a nice perspective photo. What kind of camera do you use? I’d love to know!


    • louster says:

      I’m currently using Nikon D700 and put the camera on the floor with a 24mm lens. I could fill you in on all the minutiae if you ever want, just let me know.
      Thanks for asking and dropping by.


      • bambooska says:

        I like the pictures you take. Do you happen to know about cameras? I want to buy one, preferably Nikon. I thought about a Nikon D90, but I’m not sure. Also, I don’t understand much about lens.


      • louster says:

        Although I haven’t used the D90 personally, from what I read, it appears to be a very nice camera. You can see an online review here
        It has a couple things going for it that I’ve found to be really helpful. The self cleaning sensor is a great option to have. It’ll also shoot RAW format and that’s the way to get absolutely best quality out of your photos.
        You’ll also need some software to handle the digital files after shooting. Nikon will supply their software with the camera, as do all the manufacturers. I’ve never used that either, preferring Photoshop, but it should work just fine.
        These camera bodies are usually available bundled with a lens. The one I see most is the Nikon 18-105mm zoom. This would be a very useful all purpose lens for someone starting out in photography. It would give you a range from a wide angle to a small telephoto that would be nice for portraits.
        Good luck, if you have any questions, feel free to ask.


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