We recently used a Groupon coupon to tour Five Seasons Brewery (Westside) in Atlanta.


Brewer Big Matt Williams led the tour and poured samples of 5 beers, all good ones.


My favorite was the stout and we also sampled their Golden Ale, Full Nelson, British Mild and the Winter Warmer.

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5 Responses to Groupon

  1. katie o. says:

    love that last shot. amazing how cool you can make a stout look.


  2. bambooska says:

    What’s a groupon? I’ve never heard of that before. I like beer, though! But I don’t think we have that in Brazil.


    • louster says:

      Yeh, you might not have it in Brazil. Its an internet only (I believe) deal that sells coupons giving sizeable discounts on food, drink and entertainment. Not sure where its available. We’ve only recently discovered it.
      You get that D90 yet?


  3. PJ says:

    I just signed up for Groupon, it looks like a pretty good deal. I’ll have to do a review of my own.

    As for St Anne’s, that locked gate is at the rear of the property. I went in from the front although, technically, I wasn’t supposed to be there but no one said anything.


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