Atlanta Community Food Bank Hunger Walk/Run 5K

While driving to the Atlanta Community Food Bank’s annual 5K Walk/Run last Sunday, I passed two photographers with their digital cameras and tripods walking around one of our MARTA transit stations. It appeared they were simply out on a Sunday morning cruise for interesting subjects and maybe some nice morning light.

I didn’t think  about again it until later in the day when I had nearly finished the volunteer photos for the Food Bank. I then realized this day long assignment had involved so many types of photography. Naturally there were race action photos, also portraits, musical performances, dance, food, fashion.

The point is, I had right in front of me a gold mine of subjects. I felt the people walking around the MARTA station earlier in the day were looking for subjects. Maybe they would have been happy volunteering for this charity 5K. It could have been a win/win situation. Shooters hone their craft, the Atlanta Community Food Bank, (–or fill in the blank here of your favorite charity/non-profit–) would have access to more photography for publicizing their work. Consider it.

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