in honor of the Vernal equinox today

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6 Responses to equinox

  1. louster says:

    Thanks for all your nice comments. You are all very generous.
    For Katie, you probably know where this is, but I’ll tell you anyway because I went with 2 lifelong Atlanta residents and they didn’t know how to get to this view on the right street.
    Its the Jacksaon Street bridge, next red light towards town from Boulevard. I believe the street name changes at the light on Highland and is also Parkway. Fairly easy parking and usually a few photographers out when weather is nice.


    • katie o. says:

      I do. Years ago when I took my one and only photography class, that was one of our evening excursions. I’m dying to go back out there again with my latest camera.


  2. katie o. says:

    this is singlehandedly my most favorite view of the city of atlanta. and this shot is incredible.


  3. aswirly says:



  4. PJ says:

    Yes it’s more than just the idea of Spring, the earth keeps on turning, right on schedule.


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