The New York Times recently did a story on people who photograph food and post their photos online. I figured it was time to get on the food photography band wagon. So, without further ado, here is dinner tonight.

Big Dixie Burger at Parish in Atlanta’s Inman Park

I really wanted to like Parish, the interior is beautiful and the location is very good for us. Unfortunately, the food doesn’t measure up to the decor. On a positive note, the staff, from our waitress to the valet outside, were extremely nice and competent. I have hopes the food will get there one day as well. I really want this place to be a success.

he took care of our pollen covered car

Getting back to photographing food and sharing online, some of my favorite sites for doing just that are locals (to Atlanta)  you are what you eat… or reheat & Blissful Glutton. Also, there’s Eating Asia. So, let’s eat, shall we.

Oh, almost forgot, Leslie Uhl always has some good looking food prep and nice photography.

One more late addition, the local blog FoodieVille has a good review of Parish that appears on Urbanspoon. So, to get a different opinion, check out their thoughts.

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3 Responses to food

  1. recoveringhuman says:

    It is so strange to me that we had such different experiences! Makes me want to go back for another take.

    Love your blog, btw…your food staging/photos are so much better than mine! 🙂


  2. aswirly says:

    Too bad the food didn’t measure up, although your picture of the meal is making me drool. mmm…. Love the shot of the valet guy too 🙂


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