One last visit to the old presses and newsroom. These presses have been inactive for a while, since the Journal-Constitution has new, better quality presses in a satellite printing plant. The newsroom is moving from downtown Atlanta to a suburban office to cut costs, the mantra for all newspapers nowadays. The New York Times has a more current story on the move.

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2 Responses to press

  1. louster says:

    yep, pretty serious change. it was sad walking through the empty pressroom and newsroom, sort of a metaphor for the way the whole business is going.


  2. katie o. says:

    oh, this just makes me sad. i recently saw the AJC sign on a bldg near Perimeter Mall and just assumed it was a satellite office. hard to believe that the downtown location will be empty soon. i apparently really don’t like change. and this is some serious change.


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