Light test w/ asparagus, 1 spot high behind and one reflector camera left, level with twine.

lighting setup

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7 Responses to Asparagus

  1. katie o. says:

    Thanks for showing the behind the scenes shot. Since I’m slowly learning, I love it when true photographers “share” their knowledge. Have you ever thought about doing tutorials here? You know…just saying…or rather, asking. 🙂


    • louster says:

      Hmmm, I could try to do that. Then you would know the wrong way and just proceed in the opposite direction.
      There’s a group on Flickr named “Professional looking food photography” that have some good examples mixed in with the average stuff. Sometimes photogs will give a little additional info o pictures.
      And I’ll do some “how to” stuff whenever I have a good subject for it. Thanks for ask… er… saying.


  2. aswirly says:

    Very nice and I like seeing your set up.


  3. PJ says:

    Sweet setup and I like the framing photograph although, I noticed the remotes but I don’t know what they’re for.


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