Halloween Lighting

Due to overwhelming popular demand, well actually one request…  umm, make that a vague passing comment, here’s a simple little 2 flash test shot. The light coming from below the face is often referred to as “Halloween lighting”.

This can easily be done provided you can move your flash off camera, in this case to simply lay it on the floor below the subject.  The rear light is purely optional. If you’re lighting for Halloween, the background might look better going dark anyway. The white ceiling reflected light into the shadows.

No off camera flash?  Lay a bright light under the subject’s face, maybe a table lamp or whatever you have handy. A flashlight, mayhaps?

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One Response to Halloween Lighting

  1. katie o. says:

    Does it help to know that I REALLY wanted to know how to set up shots? Because that should qualify as overwhelming at least.
    Love this trick. And I do have an off camera flash I just have no idea how to use it. Might have to give it a test run soon.
    ps. April is adorable.


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