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I have nothing to say about this picture from a few weeks ago, just thought it was a decent bird picture. I don’t do a lot of those. Advertisements

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Georgia Guidestones

We drove two hours in the rain to get to the Georgia Guidestones. It was cold and continued to rain. The car was trashed from all the mud I picked up walking around these monoliths. All in all, a pretty … Continue reading

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Backlit Elvis

Here is Elvis in all his sculpted glory using another 2 light setup. Nikon strobes on a Nikon camera make it a little too easy. The hardest part was placing the lights to avoid lens flare and adding unwanted light … Continue reading

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Halloween Lighting

Due to overwhelming popular demand, well actually one request…  umm, make that a vague passing comment, here’s a simple little 2 flash test shot. The light coming from below the face is often referred to as “Halloween lighting”. This can … Continue reading

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Light test w/ asparagus, 1 spot high behind and one reflector camera left, level with twine.

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More from Maine.  We started the trip in Portland, walking everywhere from our room in Old Port, the historic waterfront district. I read or heard somewhere that Portland has more restaurants per capita than any other US city, but can’t … Continue reading

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One of the nicest freebies in the Atlanta area is the rose garden at the Fernbank Museum of Natural History.  We’re lucky enough to be within walking distance and that’s exactly what we did today to round out Mother’s Day. … Continue reading

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